About Us

Welcome to Manlicare! India’s First Exclusive Men’s Healthcare Platform. We belong to a society where often men’s health is overlooked and stigmatized. We aim to break that taboo and make a change of mindset.

Our mission centers around a primary focus on addressing the healthcare treatment to men, thereby achieving dual objectives. Firstly, we aim to provide tailored treatment plans that enhance the well-being and confidence of men. Secondly, we are dedicated to raising awareness about men’s healthcare requirements by facilitating connections with the appropriate healthcare professionals and assisting individuals in overcoming the social stigma associated with seeking care for men’s health issues.

Why Choose US



We have curated a team of healthcare professional for our patients. They will consult you thoroughly with an friendly approach, and will let you know about your treatment and it's procedure.



We know convenience is what everyone looks for, so Manlicare adapts to the change. You can easily navigate and find the information related to doctors at ease.


Engaging Community

You can join our Discussion forums where you can share your health experiences, listen to other’s stories and find the support you need.


Always Up to Date

At Manlicare, we aim to be always up-to-date about new developments and techniques in the men's healthcare area. Our patients are accessible to have all types of treatments under one roof.


Our Vision

At Manlicare, our vision is to create a world in which every man can confidently and knowledgeably manage his health. We firmly believe that by offering readily accessible, engaging, and precise consultation, treatment, and information, we can play a pivotal role in dismantling the societal stigma that hinders men from actively seeking the care and support that is rightfully theirs.



Get Involved

Manlicare appreciates your interest in joining our journey. We ensure our availability 24*7*365 days. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. 

Thank You for choosing Manlicare as your trustworthy resource for men’s healthcare. Together we can create a huge improvement and progress.

Our Commitment


Support System:

Manlicare, the men’s healthcare platform will act as a support system that navigates and guides our patients to find the right Doctors. No matter whatever health issues they are going through, we have ready-to-go solutions prepared for you. Our healthcare professionals will thoroughly analyse your health condition, schedule an appointment at your convenience, and design a personalized treatment.


Consultation and treatment:

Manlicare has curated a team of experts and specialized doctors from all over India. We are offering both online and in-clinic consultation services, and we tailored a unique and innovative path to understand men’s health.



Many men feel underconfident while sharing their issues out of fear. We are here to let you overcome this issue and give you the space where you can be yourself in front of the doctor. Manlicare maintains a 100% confidentiality between you and your doctor.



We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions, including laboratory tests, personalized treatment plans, and prescribed medications, all delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

Leadership Team

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Vamsi Krishna Konda

Founder & Managing Director
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Dr. Hari Chandana Katta

Co-Founder & CEO

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Urologist, General Surgeon

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