Epididymitis : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Dr Sravya, MBBS, MS 


The epididymis is a series of small, coiled tubes. It is present at the back of both testicles. It stores and collects sperm. 

When inflammation arises in these tubes, it may cause pain in the scrotum (testicle skin). This condition is known as epididymitis. This inflammation can occur due to an infection. When this infection spreads to the testicle, it is called epididymal orchitis.


Epididymitis is often a bacterial infection. It affects men between the ages of 20 and 40. It can arise from several conditions, such as sexually transmitted infections or urinary tract infections. Also, the bacteria from the urethra tube can reach the epididymitis because they move through the reproductive and urinary systems.

However, several treatments can treat this condition, such as bed rest or antibiotics. 

In this article, we will discuss epididymitis causes, symptoms, and treatments in detail. 

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What are the causes of epididymitis?

Epididymitis Symptoms: What Are They?

This condition may start with only mild symptoms. However, symptoms may also get worse if left untreated.

People affected by epididymitis may experience the following symptoms:

How do you diagnose epididymitis?

The doctor may ask about the symptoms and examine your scrotum to see if you have any infection symptoms.

They can also check your prostate for tenderness with a rectal exam. If these tests suspect epididymitis, then your doctor might ask for one or more tests. Such as,

What are the Epididymitis Treatments?

Treatment will be planned according to the cause of epididymitis.

According to a trusted source, once the treatment has begun, The man will recover in one to three days. However, some of the signs can take a longer time to disappear.

In most severe cases, the patient may also have to be admitted to a hospital for surgical procedures.

This usually occurs when a man is affected by chronic epididymitis.

Let’s discuss what it is.

1. Chronic Epididymitis

When epididymitis lasts for a longer period, such as six weeks, or when it occurs again and again,  then chronic epididymitis occurs. This condition can affect some men. It is inflammation without an infection. However, the cause of this condition is unknown yet. 

But nerves and muscle hypersensitivity are thought to be contributing factors to this condition. 

Additionally, it can cause many health risks.

To treat these health risks, doctors will not recommend antibiotics. Instead, they will recommend the following treatments:

2. When to see a doctor

When you experience scrotal swelling or pain, you must seek medical advice to prevent further damage. Because it can also be caused by some other medical conditions.

Although if you experience severe pain in the scrotum, then it’s a medical emergency. 

Other than that, if you have pain while passing urine or penis discharge, you should also go to a doctor.

Do you know that epididymitis can also arise in children? If not, let’s discuss it.

3. Pediatric Epididymitis

Like adults, children can also be affected by this condition. However, the cause of inflammation is not the same in children as in adults. 

Some common causes of this condition in children are:

Common symptoms of epididymitis in children are: