How to boost my Testosterone levels?

Medically Reviewed by Dr Sravya, MBBS, MS 


If you are a man above the age of 50 years, you may have seen advertisements to boost your testosterone levels. But do you need such measures to increase your testosterone levels? Are they low? Is there a natural remedy? Do you need to consult a doctor about this? Find all the information you need about supplements for high testosterone here. 

supplements for High testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid in composition. Anabolic in simple words means building up. It helps in the growth of tissues, bones, muscles, and other body structures. Males and females both have the same level of circulating testosterone from birth up to the age of puberty. But this level increases in males after puberty. There is a 30 times increase in the production of testosterone in males and about 15 times increase in the circulation. Healthy men have 7.7 – 29.4 nmol/L of circulating testosterone in the body whereas premenopausal healthy women have 0-1.7 nmol/L. Due to the presence of high levels of this anabolic steroid, men, who have gone through male puberty, gain physical advantages compared to women. 

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Why do I have low testosterone levels?

Lifestyle and unhealthy habits significantly affect testosterone production. These include:

This lifestyle not only affects testosterone production but also significantly after the quality of sperm produced.Their levels may become significantly low that one may require supplements for high testosterone. Low testosterone is directly linked with a reduced quantity of sperm. Unlike in unhealthy individuals, a study shows that a healthy older adult male may not show any signs of symptoms of low testosterone. But that is rarely the case as men above the age of 45 have acquired one or two co-morbidities.

Symptoms of low testosterone in males.

This condition may start with only mild symptoms. However, symptoms may also get worse if left untreated.

People affected by epididymitis may experience the following symptoms:

What should supplements for high testosterone contain?

Research on the best way to boost your testosterone level is still ongoing. Although there are several other ways to improve circulatory testosterone in the body. Supplements for high testosterone must include two or more of the following elements to be effective. 

Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an upcoming form of treatment for low testosterone levels. This therapy is suggested for older adult men who have hypogonadal disorder. This therapy is conducted through injections, medication, arm patches, or gels. This acts as a supplement for high testosterone, it does not facilitate or interrupt the natural physiology of testosterone production in the testis. The effects of TRT are seen almost immediately. There is a mild increase in muscle mass, muscle girth, bone density, and strength. Although effective, it is often abused by athletes and weight trainers. TRT is a prescribed form of treatment. The dosage and duration of TRT should be decided by a doctor. This is not a Form of therapy that can be self-medicated. 

TRT has several forms of side effects and severe long-term effects.

These include: 

These are diseases that have been identified through recent research, there may be more debilitating effects of TRT and should be considered with caution. Other than TRT, there are better options for supplements for high testosterone available.