Treatment of Chlamydia in males

Medically Reviewed by Dr Sravya, MBBS, MS 


Many conditions can affect the male body. But most of them are treatable with the right guidance and treatment.

Chlamydia in males is one such condition that is a sexually transmitted infection. But it can be treated. Read it how…



Chlamydia in males is an infection as a result of the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis, which is transmitted via sexual contact. It can infect both men and women and, if left untreated, can lead to      

 main health issues. It can lead to urethritis, epididymitis, and proctitis in men.

treatment of Chlamydia in males

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Is chlamydia common in males?

Yes! Chlamydia is a common condition in males. It is a sexually transmitted infection. But it is better to treat it in its early stages, as it may lead to some serious health issues in the future. 

Symptoms of chlamydia in males

When you have any of those signs and symptoms, you must get examined for chlamydia or some other sexually transmitted illness. Antibiotics are generally prescribed as a remedy. 

Remember the fact that practicing safe intercourse can decrease your chance of developing chlamydia and other sexually transmitted ailments.

Treatment of Chlamydia in Males

This condition may start with only mild symptoms. However, symptoms may also get worse if left untreated.

People affected by epididymitis may experience the following symptoms:

Risk factors while the treatment of Chlamydia in males

No longer taking the overall direction of antibiotics as prescribed. Conducting sexual activities earlier than the contamination has cleared

Notify your sexual partners to get examined and handled. If left untreated, chlamydia can cause severe health issues, including infertility. The use of condoms through sexual hobbies can help save you from the unfolding of chlamydia. It’s critical to get retested after the remedy to make sure the infection has cleared.


Chlamydia is an easily treatable infection resulting from microorganisms that can cause signs in men such as discharge from the penis, burning all through urination, and aches or swelling in the testicles. If left untreated, it could cause extreme health issues, including infertility. 

The treatment entails taking antibiotics as prescribed, abstaining from sexual activity until the treatment is complete, and using condoms during sexual activity to save you from the unfolding of the infection. 

It is essential to inform sexual companions so we can get tested and handled, and to get retested after treatment to make sure the contamination has cleared. There are a few risk factors related to the treatment of chlamydia in men, including not taking the whole course of antibiotics as prescribed and having multiple sexual partners. If you have worries or questions, communicate with your doctor.